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To truly achieve relaxation, it’s important to have an understanding of the way our environment and our daily stresses affect our Mind (brain), Spirit and Body.


Do you know what to do to sustainably soothe yourself?  Do you have daily practices to relax and lower your stress levels?  We often hear stress kills, but before that - it robs us of Quality of Life.  In a multitude of ways stress activates anxiety and disease.     


Most likely you’ve heard of the Fight, Flight & Freeze response, aka the Sympathetic response to threat.  The lesser known response is the Rest and Digest reaction, aka the Parasympathetic response. Its job is to calm the body down after the threat has passed.    


Our Fight or Flight response gets triggered reflexively, and constantly, in our unpredictable world.  And we don’t even get a say in it! Unfortunately, the same does NOT go for triggering the Rest & Digest response.  We must be intentional and provide a safe place for the Parasympathetic to get triggered.


In each session, Oasis Travelers will be guided through practices that stimulate, nurture and strengthen the Parasympathetic, which, for so many people, is being entirely neglected these days.    


A LIfESPLASH visit will work to nurture your Core - because that's where people can truly realize a difference with ongoing practice.  

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