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YOU, as an Oasis Traveler - will immediately sense a realm of peacefulness and calm once you step into LIfESPLASH.


With the vision of creating a "Soul Spa", LIfESPLASH requests all Oasis Travelers to kindly limit chatting with one one another in preparation for, and during the session.


We encourage connection with yourself as you leave the noise of traffic, bells, alarms, chatter - outside the studio walls.  Instantly, lower your stress, by lowering the noise.  At LIfESPLASH, you'll tune into birds singing, the hum of ocean waves, soft melodies - to begin your relaxation "unplug".   


Your Spirit will begin to relish in our purified air, pleasant essential oil scents of lavender and eucalyptus, tropical orchids and lush greenery - these regenerative elements will soothe and lighten your being.  You’ll treasure the atmosphere of whispers and limited words, allowing your individual Spirit to be heard.


Imagine: silence...serenity.

Afterward, LIfESPLASH invites you to sit for a time and connect with others enjoying complimentary coffee, tea, and citrus-infused water.

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