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Are you feeling drained and overwhelmed, anxious, depressed?
- Do you find yourself irritable, tense, snapping at your loved ones?
- Are you finding it challenging to find clarity in your thoughts?
- Are decisions stressful or paralyzing?
- When stress is high, do you reach for wine, ice cream, or Facebook- as a way to interrupt your restlessness or anxiety?

Screen Shot 2024-03-26 at 12.11.36 AM.png

If you've answered a "yes" to the above - these are indicators you may benefit from an unplug! Here's an invitation to take a time-out from the hectic, info-drowning, hamster wheel of the daily grind.
Come be with people who recognize there’s a difference between R e l a x i n g - and Chillin'.

Surround yourself with others who are choosing nurturing and holistic ways to relax & regenerate. Discover a more productive way to release stress than turning to TV and social media binging, Happy Hour venting, or other activities that distract - rather than restore. Although these pastimes serve as distractions from daily pressure & stress - they are not beneficial ways to build a foundation for long-term well-being.

At LIfESPLASH we are grateful for - and we rejoice with - each Wellness Traveler as they journey toward healing and growth in Peace and Joy - and holistic wellbeing.

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